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A serialized science fiction novel on Kindle Vella by Wong Yen Tong & Gering Sangyin


The year is 2147, and all the peoples of the earth are united under a utopian New World Order.


Racism no longer exists. Socioeconomic classes have flattened and equity has been achieved. The criminal justice system has been reformed and war is a thing of the past, along with nationalism and religion.


Fossil fuels and electrical energy are quaint relics of the Old World. All cars and other machines are powered by muscles and controlled by thought. Climate change has been halted.


Utopia—or dystopia?

New episodes are posted weekly on Kindle Vella.

3D Designs

CAD Files for 3D Printing

Love tinkering on your classic Porsche? Need a new charge holder for your Tesla?

Click to download free CAD files for your 3D printer.

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