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About Wong Yen Tong & Gering Sangyin

Wong Yen Tong and Gering Sangyin are pseudonyms for a husband and wife team. "Gering" means "little or small" in German, and "Sangyin" means "voice" in Mandarin. "Yen Tong" means "can also be the same." You'll have to read Muscle Machines World to get the inferences.


Gering is an orchid hunter and tai chi practitioner, while Yen Tong flies airplanes and is an automobile enthusiast with a penchant for classic Porsches and creating 3D designs in CAD. They both identify with an almost-extinct breed: the shy, reclusive writer. But we believe that they have something important to say to the world, and Aionios Books has resolved to give that message a voice. That message is simple: peace through tolerance and tolerance through compassion.

You can contact Yen Tong and Gering through Aionios Books by emailing

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