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About Coauthor Gering Sangyin

Gering Sangyin is a pseudonym. "Gering" means "little or small" in German, and "Sangyin" means "voice" in Mandarin. 


Gering belongs to a just-about-extinct breed: the shy, reclusive writer. But we believe that Gering has something important to say to the world, and Aionios Books has resolved to give that message a voice. That message is simple and can be conveyed in one word: PEACE.


Gering has consented to reveal the following about themselves:

  • Gering identifies as they/their and gives equal expression to their masculine and feminine selves.

  • They are addicted to tennis and are surprisingly adept at playing singles. By themselves—no kidding. A skill they honed during the COVID-19 lockdowns.

  • They love watching lots of Netflix and Prime Video, listing action/adventure thrillers (the more adrenalin the better!) and K-dramas (sweet stuff!) as two of their favorites. 

  • They are also addicted to YouTube, watching endless streams of videos on cars (both EVs and classic Porsches) and all things canine (they love Anneka Svenska's channel!).

  • Watching cable news shows can send them into paroxysms of laughter.

  • They are addicted to running and tai chi and think that the lizard crawl is just about the coolest way to work the kinks out of spending hours at their desk.

  • In addition to writing and editing, they spend a gazillion hours on SolidWorks, designing cool 3D templates for car stuff (check 'em out and download them for free here).

  • They also love growing orchids and believe in saving the planet for future generations.

  • And of course, they love to read—anything and everything! Every kind of fiction with a healthy dose of science articles (hey, they're able to read past the title and abstract!), the occasional mechanical and electrical engineering text, and discourses on finance.


Most importantly, they love teaming up

with coauthor Tayla Jean Grossberg.

They admire and respect her gift for

storytelling and also think that she's

just an awesome individual.

Click to learn more about Tayla.

You can contact Gering Sangyin through Aionios Books by emailing

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