Gerri Wang is the pseudonym for the husband-wife writing team of Gerri Santiago and Anthony Wang. 


She loves to read. He doesn't.


But he wrote Muscle Machines for her.


Not too long ago, Gerri formed a tiny company that publishes young-adult fantasy and science fiction novels because these are the stories she loves to read.


She believes that beautiful books will last forever, and so she named her company Aionios Books, which is Greek for "everlasting." 


A long, long time ago, Gerri used to be a neuroscientist. But that was then, and this is now—a time for her to explore her dreams.


An equally long time ago, Anthony used to be a engineer making semiconductors and other inedible chips. He is now an airline pilot.  Although he loves flying, he ironically hates traveling.


He is also an introvert who adamantly refuses to have his picture posted anywhere on the Internet. Hence the absence of author photos here.


He is obsessed with classic cars and is currently restoring a 1973 Porsche 914 to factory condition.


Anthony doesn't read. At least, not novels. Only technical stuff.


He loves watching movies—lots of them, especially the quirky, off-kilter ones on Netflix and Amazon Prime.

Muscle Machines is his brainchild. His gift to his wife.